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How to start editorial work on new article.

An important part of editorial work is incorporation of new article in editorial process by creating its talk page and inserting editorial process template. Only advanced users can do it, because it is connected with checking of sources. Before you will do it, make yourself sure, that author of the article has finished his work. How can you be sure?

  • author removed the template {{Under construction}} from the beginning of his article;
  • or in case, that he didn't use the template under construction:
    • wrote in summary, that he finished;
    • or started to work on another new article;
    • or is not working on his article for time longer than 2 days.

Then you can create article's talk page with editorial process template. How to do it?

  1. click on "Discussion";
  2. insert editorial template by the button Button fact.png above your edit window;
  3. check and sign sources;
  4. and save it.

Every advanced editor should check sources before he create the article's talk page with editorial template and then insert the template with checked and signed sources. The reason is simple. Sources are the most important part of editorial process. By checking sources you will make all the editors sure, that the text of article is not copyright violation (that the text is not stolen). In the other case use the template {{Process}} and ask the author for rewriting the article (on his talk page, then by e-mail).

You can find here all the information, how to check and sign parameters in editorial process template.

Remember, you can work only on articles where are checked sources!

You should never check and sign any editorial parameter of article, which was marked as {{Stub}}. The reason is simple: Every article marked as stub has not been finished yet. We suppose, that it will be extended later. It has no sense to work and waste your energy on unfinished article.

Some of the editorial items must be checked and signed together. They are:

  • categories and portals;
  • images and license;
  • headings and breakdown;
  • grammar and typography.

The template editorial process contains all these parameters:

Signing the last parameter in editorial template?

If you sign the last parameter in editorial template, it means that all the editorial work on this article is finished. It is very important step, because you should try to recheck all the others parameters too. Maybe these parameters were checked several months ago, but the teyt of the article could be changed since that time. Please, make yourself sure, that all the others parameters are really checked correctly. Than check the last parameter and write to summary: parameter ... checked, editorial template is complete.