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How to edit a typo in the name of an article?[edit | edit source]


How can I edit a typo in the name of an article? I missed a 'n' in aberrations in the name of this article: Chromosomal aberrations in etiology of neoplasms.

Sorry for the trouble I caused.

Sincerely, Anya

- Reply: Dear Anya, if you click on "move" on the section "editing and tools", you will find the option to rename the article.

Christian Entenmann

Deleting an image[edit | edit source]

Hi, I was creating a translation of two Wikiskripta articles and struggled to find the same images that were used there ([[1]] & [[2]]) so without thinking much I downloaded the images and reuploaded them to Wikilectures (here & here). But in hindsight that's probably not the correct way, because I'm not the author of the pictures... So please how I can fix that to not violate any copyrights? Thanks a lot! Sarka