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WikiLectures makes no guarantee of validity.

WikiLectures are open internet source of information, which is created by teachers and students of medical faculties involved in the MEFANET network, and other contributors on the basis of their knowledge and experience. Principles of wiki technology allow everyone with computer and internet connection to create or change its content. Therefore you should consider none of the articles to be verified and to contain complete, accurate and reliable information.

Of course, we make effort to check the articles and offer you the best version of each of them. But it should be noted that none of the members of the editorial board of WikiLectures, employees of medical facuties nor anyone else can in any way guarantee the accuracy of the information herein. None of the authors, contributors, administrators, or anyone else associated with WikiLectures can be responsible for any inaccurate or misleading information on this site.

Information in here is provided free of charge and there is no contract between any medical faculty, server owners, contributors, administrators and editors of WikiLectures or any other person connected with WikiLectures or medical faculty and you.

The editorial board of WikiLectures makes effort to prevent inserting of wrong, misleading or inappropriate information as well as using WikiLectures agains law or WikiLectures policy. In case you find such contect prior to its removal, please inform the editorial board of WikiLectures via Contacts. However, editorial board of WikiLectures cannot take responsibility for such content.

WikiLectures cannot substitute an advice of a medical professional. If you need medical help, please visit your doctor.