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Following Terms of use including the linked articles are obligatory for every user of WikiLectures. Violating these terms may result in blocking the user account or performing appropriate action to prevent the abusive behavior. Violating law or other rules (such as internal university directives) may result in initianing prosecution.

General Terms

The Law and Good Manners

Users are obligated to keep to the terms, law and other rules such as internal university directives. They are also obligated to act according to good manners so that the reputation of neither WikiLectures nor people associated with WikiLectures is jeopardized.

Impersonating Another Person

Everyone can use and edit WikiLectures anonymously (under IP address), under a nick name or a real name. It is also possible to register more accounts. However, it is prohibited to impersonate another person or abuse multiple accounts (sock puppetry). It is prohibited:

  • impersonating another, expecially more qualified or respected person;
  • contributing to the same discussion with multiple accounts and creating the illusion of support;
  • trying to avoid sanctions and blocking an account.

Inserting Materials

While editing WikiLectures, always pay attention to the purpose of WikiLectures. If possible, keep to the Directions for contributors. Every contribution must match the author law and licenses.

Searchtool right.svg For more information see WikiLectures:Author Law.

No Advertisement

It is prohibited to use WikiLectures for commercial and advertisement purpose. The articles can not advertise specific trademarks or products. It is also prohibited to compare different products.

It is possible to specify commercial names of drugs or other health care products if necessary for teaching purpose. In that case, it must be clearly marked (beginning with a capital letter, symbol ®) and the generic name must be named. If possible, all commercial alternatives must be listed so that it wouldn't look like some if better than others.

Privacy Policy

All contributions must keep to the privacy policy. It is prohibited to insert personal information or any information that would enable identification. This doesn't apply for personal pages in case the information was published by user himself.

Searchtool right.svg For more information see WikiLectures:Privacy Policy.

Nonpublic Information and Disclaimers

It is prohibited to insert information revealing medical secrets and materials of shocking or scandalous nature.

Clinical guidelines published in WikiLectures serve only for studying, it is not an official version produced by a medical associations.

Searchtool right.svg For more information see WikiLectures:General Disclaimer.

Using WikiLectures Content

You are free to copy and distribute parts or whole articles from WikiLectures as specified in Author Law and licenses. WikiLectures must be mentioned as a source, authors must be listed or available through link.

You are free to modify transferred materials, however, it must not suggest that authors of WikiLectures endorse you or your use of the work.

Searchtool right.svg For more information see WikiLEctures:Author Law.