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If you want to check and sign the parameter breakdown in editorial process template, you have to look at the article and assess:

  1. Length of the article.If the article is too long, should be probably merged. If you think so, insert in discussion page of the article the template {{Merge}}. If the article seems to be too short and does not contain complete information, should be marked as {{Stub}}. If the article contains complete information, but is still to short (and probably will ever be too short), would be better to create an {{Dictionary}} from it.
  2. Have headings correct level?
    Searchtool right.svg For more information see Help:Headings.
  3. Is the breakdown of the text correct?If it is not, you should to make the article more clearer.

If you have checked all these things, you can sign the parameter breakdown in editorial process template by your editorial signature Button mysignature.png:

{{Editorial process
|breakdown = Wikiholic, 7. 7. 2011

If you checked the parameter breakdown, you should check the parameter headings too!