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Using[edit source]

For use please fill and enter following code to the text:

|parametr = <parameter >

You need not fill all parameters. Besides English you can also use other languages.

Template parameters[edit source]

This is an example how to use the parameters:

|parameter = <parameter>

Replace "parameter" with some of undermentioned parameters and explanations. Parameters are sorted by specialisations.

|cze = <How to say it czech>
|slo = <How to say it german>
|lat = <How to say it latin>
|grc = <How to say it greek>
|eng = <How to say it english>
|epo = <How to say it esperanto>
|fra = <How to say it french>
|ger = <How to say it german>
|pol = <How to say it polish>
|language1 = <another language>
|translation1 = <translation to this language>
|ta = (name in Terminologia Anatomica 1998)
|te = (name in Terminologia Embryologica 1988)
|pna = (name in Parisiensia Nomina Anatomica 1955)
|ina = (name in Ienaiensia Nomina Anatomica 1935)
|bna = (name in Basiliensia Nomina Anatomica 1895)
|beginning = (position where the muscle beginns)
|insertion = (position where the muscle iserts)
|inervation = (muscle inervation)
|function = (muscle function)
|IUPAC = (name in IUPAC nomenclatury)
|PNA = (name in PNA nomenclatury)
International Classification of Diseases, ICD-10

Current ICD-10 classification can be found here

|ICD = (code of disease)

Your entry will be automaticaly inserted into Category:Dictionary.

Example[edit source]

|eng = colitis
|lat = colitis, -is, f.

Colitis is an inflammatory disease of the bowels.