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If you want to check and sign the parameter synonyms in editorial process template, you have think about the title of the article and assess:

  1. Is the title of the article correct and has a right length?We usually favor shorter and end exact title. Is better to call the article just Electorcardiography than All we know about electrocardiography (ECG) . If you will find such a title of article, you should move it on your own or use the tempate {{Move}} on discussion page of the article and suggest better title of this article.
  2. Check all the possibilities for the title of this article.Use searching window. Check all the possibilities of the title. Some can exist, but you can find a page, which has not been created yet. Than create this page and insert redirect on the article.

For easier inserting of redirects use special button in your editing window Button redirect.png. If you can not see this button in your editing window, you should probably activate it in My preferences.

If you have checked and created all the possible titles of the article, you can sign the parameter synonyms in editorial process template by your editorial signature Button mysignature.png:

{{Editorial process
|synonyms = Wikiholic, 8. 7. 2011