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How to insert this template?[edit source]

It is neccessary to have special edit button for inserting this template. Open your preferences, go to tab Gadgets and check the editorial tool. Then you will find this button always in your edit window. If you use this button for inserting the template, the template will be inserted with all the parameters.

Where to insert this template[edit source]

This template is usually used on discussion pages of articles. But there are some types of articles, where is not usefull to insert this template:

  • articles with template {{Under construction}}
  • very new articles − younger than three days
  • pages with redirect
  • discussion pages of images

The template Editorial process is usually inserted into discussion page of an article:

  • older than 3 days;
  • or younger articles made by editor, head editor or administrator you know.

How to check parameters of the template[edit source]

If you checked the parameter, you have to sign it by your Editorial signature inserted by special button. For activation of this button visit "My preferences" and section Gadgets.

Parameters[edit source]

The following parameters are available in this template:

  • sources
  • citation
  • categories_portals
  • images_licenses
  • grammar_typography
  • wikilinks
  • synonyms
  • breakdown_headings

Editorial help[edit source]

Help articles and more information on this topic can be found in the editorial help.

Very important![edit source]

If you will sign the last parameter in the template Editorial process, you should also check all the parameters, which were checked before :-).