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If you want to check and sign paramater citation, you have to reference list in the end of the article and all the references in the article. Every work (books, articles, web pages) should be expressed by the template cite. More information, how to use this template can be found here: {{Cite}}.

If all these things are checked (and fixed), you can sign the parameter citation in editorial process template by your editorial signature Button mysignature.png:

{{Editorial process
|citation = Wikiholic, 7. 7. 2011

Special gadget Button easy cite.png[edit | edit source]

For you easier work has been created the special gadget cite. First, you have to activate it:

  • Go to My preferencesGadgets and in User interface click on Edit button and tool "Citation" for easier making citations and save it.
  • Then you will always see this button Button easy cite.png in your editing window.

When you click on this button, you will see new window, where you can choose, whatever you need to cite: book, article, web page... Then you will fill some parameters like authors name, surname, title of book, ISBN and create citation. It is very easy!

Special situations[edit | edit source]

Sometimes you can find an article, where are no references and it seems, that nothing can be checked. In this case look into history of this article → View history. Check, who created this article and if the author is a pedagogue at medical faculty, he/she probably used his/hers own knowledge for creating this article. In this special case you can sign the parameter citation in editorial process template this way:

{{Editorial process
|citation = not necessary, Wikiholic, 7. 7. 2011

You can also sign the parameter citation this way, if the article article is a {{Dictionary}} and does not contain any reference.