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This template is usually used by members of editorial board for marking article, where is needed an editorial upgrade. All the articles where is used this template are automatically sorted to category In process.

Usually is needed to insert the same template on discussion page of the article. You can also insert your questions about this article on ins discussion page.

Parameters[edit source]

  • reason – the exact reason, why is an editorial upgrade necessary in this article. There is very special meaning for reason = copyvio – it is usually used, where is a suspicion on author law infringement.
  • date – use the parameter date YYYYMMDD.

Categories[edit source]

reason = copyvio[edit source]

  • the article will stay in category Copyvio, till the date you will insert
  • there will be automatically inserted the template {{Delete}} and the article will be shift to category Delete.

Other reasons[edit source]

  • the article is not categorized till the date you inserted,
  • then will be sorted to category In process

Examples[edit source]

  • {{Process|date=20090321}}
  • {{Process|reason=This article should be divided.}}
  • {{Process|date=20090321|reason=copyvio}}