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Category[edit | edit source]

Category represents group of related articles.

Using categories is very important because it helps better organize structure of WikiLectures. This helps readers find articles on particular topics even if they don't know which articles exist or what they are called. Every WikiLectures article should belong to at least one category. If it belongs information from more than one category you can class it in more than one category. When a page belongs to one or more categories, this information appears at the bottom of the page.

There are four main (root) categories in Wikiscripts category treeSubjects, Specializations, Dictionary and WikiLectures. Each other categories are subcategories of these four.

Category Dictionary includes only short articles which give information about a particular subject (entry) such as definition, translation and synonyms.

Category Branches contains medical branches of subjects taught at Medical Faculties.

Category WikiLectures includes every other articles which is related with structure of Wikiscrips such as templates, images, etc.

Subcategories[edit | edit source]

Each category can be divided to more specific subcategories. There are no limits for number of subcategories. For example category Microbiology contains subcategory General Microbiology, Viruses, Bacteria and Parasites. This dividing creates a tree structure.

Using categories[edit | edit source]

Put article into the category[edit | edit source]

To put the article into the category you must enter the category tag (at the end of the article)


On page List of all categories you can find suitable categories for your article a categorize it. If there are more suitable categories you should add it into the all of them.


Creating new category[edit | edit source]

If there are no appropriate categories for your article you should create new category using the same tag as in above-mentioned article. As a name of category fill the name of new category. After saving the article the category link appears in red at the bottom of the article. Click on this link brings you to a new page with a text box and you can start to edit this page. Is suitable to write there basic information about new created category and categorize it. (Put it into other existing category) If you are not sure about categorization, you need not to categorize it. Uncategorized articles you can display by clicking to special page link in the left menu and then uncategorized articles.

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