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The parameter sources should be always checked in the editorial process template as first!

If you want to check and sign the parameter sources in editorial process template, you should use all options, you have for checking, that the text or part of the text of this article was not stolen. There are two generally options:

  1. Checking in Google.Copy several sentences (not too short, but not too long) and use Google for searching them. The best situation is, when Google will find only the text from this article. Then you can be almost sure, that the text was not stolen. I situation, when Google will find other web page, from where was the text stolen, you should insert the template {{Process}} in the page of article and you should explain your reasons on the discussion page of the article. But it will happen very often, that google will find agreement just in really short sentences. Than you have to judge it, if it is copyright infringement or not. If you use Google Chrome browser, you can install special extension button in your browser, which will help you.
  1. Could this article be stolen from any book?This can really happen too. Unfortunately it is not in forces of our editorial board to check all the medicine books, which were ever written. But, if you are reading the text of the article and it seems be familiar to you, please, check the book, you suppose it can be stolen from it on your own, or ask somebody else from editorial board for it. If you will find out, that the article or its part was stolen, use the template {{Process}} again.
Searchtool right.svg For more information see WikiLectures:Author Law.

After you checked all these options and the article was not probably stolen, you can sign the parameter sources in editorial process template by your editorial signature Button mysignature.png:

{{Editorial process
|sources = Wikiholic, 8. 7. 2011