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If you want to check and sign the parameter images in editorial process template, you have to check all the images or files, which the article contains:

  1. Has this image sense in this article?If not, remove it and try to replace it. Use Wikimedia Commons.
  2. Is the text in this image correct?If not, fix it.
  3. Are the parameters of this image correct?Check, if this work is really free, if contains authors name, source, date and correct license.
Searchtool right.svg For more information see Help:License.

If all these things are checked (and fixed), you can sign the parameter citation in editorial process template by your editorial signature Button mysignature.png:

{{Editorial process
|images = Wikiholic, 7. 7. 2011

If you checked the parameter images, you should check the parameter licence too!

If the article does not contain any file, the parameters image and licence should not be sign. If you can not find any image, but you are sure that article should contain some image, you can ask our graphic designers for it’s creating on the page Wanted Images.