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If you want to check and sign the parameter portals in editorial process template, you have to:

  1. Look at the left menu, you can see there "Portals" (above the Toolbox) with all the portals, where is the article actually inserted. → If you can not see any portal, then this article has not been inserted in any portal yet.
  2. Think about the title and content of the article, then choose correct portals for it.You have to inset the link to the article in every portal manually. Compare the portals, you have chosen, with categories in the end of the article.
  3. Do not forget check portals of questions for final examination...

If all these things are checked (and fixed), you can sign the parameter portals in editorial process template by your editorial signature Button mysignature.png:

{{Editorial process
|portals = Wikiholic, 12. 7. 2011

If you checked the parameter portals, you should check the parameter categories too!

Special situation[edit | edit source]

Every article, which is {{Dictionary}}, need not to be inserted in any portal. But, of course, it can be used in many portals. In situation, when the article is not inserted in any portal, you can sign the parameter portals this way:

{{Editorial process
|portals = not necessary, Wikiholic, 12. 7. 2011