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If you want to check and sign the parameter Grammar in the editorial process template, you have to read the article and consider the following use of language:

  1. Spelling → The correct spelling of words and the use of the correct letter case associated with that word. E.g. in English, languages are written with a capital letter.
  2. Word order and punctuation → The word order in a sentence is very important in order to understand its meaning. Likewise punctuation, thus where and how to use punctuation such as , . : ; () [] "
  3. Syntax → Syntax is a descriptive measure of how a sentence looks and what it is about. The sentence should neither be too long or too short and should be concise which contains only the number of words necessary to achieve its effect or to make its point.
  4. Paragraphs → The sentences should fit together as a whole as well to make an explanation easily understood. Thus if you are changing one sentence make sure that the previous and following sentences fit together into one fluent story.

If you have checked all these things, you can sign the parameter Grammar in editorial process template by your editorial signature Button mysignature.png:

{{Editorial process
|grammar = Wikiholic, 27. 7. 2011