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General Physics applied in Medicine
Mechanical WavesMechanical WaveProperties of SoundUltrasoundSound waveAcoustic pressureAcoustic impedanceShock-waveUltrasound imagingDoppler ultrasonographyTherapeutic ultrasound applicationsEffects of UltrasoundDoppler Effect
OpticsSpectrum of Electromagnetic RadiationPhotometryRadiometric and photometric quantities and units (and their correlation) • Spectral sensitivity of the human eyePhotopic and scotopic visionLight absorptionLambert's lawLambert-Beer's lawLambert's-Beer law (absorption, half-value layer) • Types of Light SourcesResolution of human eyeImaging principle of optical microscopeConstruction and function of optical microscopeAbbe’s theoryLimit of resolution of optical microscopeMagnification of optical microscopeDepth of sharpness of optical microscopeContrast of optical microscopeMicroscopic techniquesTransmitted light microscopyReflected light microscopyPhase microscopyInverse microscopePolarizing microscopyInterference microscopy
Physics of MicroworldAtomic ModelsCommon Types of Radiation
Electricity and MagnetismElectric CurrentPhysiological effect of electric current (positive and negative effects, factors influencing these effects) • Therapeutic application of electric currentElectrotherapyIontophoresisElectrostimulationHigh frequency electrosurgeryInteractions of electromagnetic fields with living matterPhysiological effect of electromagnetic fieldsMagnetotherapyX-rays characteristics (physical nature, spectral band, generation mechanism) • Compton's effect (what is and what does it confirm) • Gamma-rays characteristics (physical nature, spectral band, generation mechanism)
Molecular Physics and Physical Chemistry
Mathematical and Statistical MethodsPrincip of Tomography

Basic Principles of Imaging and Diagnostic Methods
Mechanic Waves Sys.:UltrasonographyUltrasound/Diagnostic applicationUltrasound/Terapeutic application
Optical Sys.:MicroscopyLimit of resolution of optical microscope
Electric Sys.:EKG
Magnetic Res. Sys.:Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Nuclear and Radioaktive Sys.:Magnetic Resonance Imaging
source of radiation outside bodyX-RayComputed TomographyX-rays characteristics (physical nature, spectral band, generation mechanism) • Physical principle of imaging with X-raysX-rays imaging (classical methods) • Computer tomographyHounsfield's unitsAngiography
source of radiation inside bodySPECT & Gamma CameraPositron Emission TomographyNuclear medicine
Others:Principle of Tomography

Biophysics of the Cell and Biophysics in Molecular Biology
Physiology:Electric Properties of Cell MembraneResting PotencialAction PotencialExcitable cellsNeural TransmissionPacemaker cellsCells of Conduction System of heartExtracellular Ionts Concentration and Their Effect on Electrical Propeties of Cells
Patophysiology:Effects of Radiation on Cells
Laboratory Methods:Flow cytometry
Interventions and Therapy:Oncological Treatement

Biophysics of Tissues
Effect of Electric Current on TissuesElectric InjuryHarmonic Oscillator (simple) • Driven harmonic oscillatorElasticityHook’s lawElastic properties of tissuesYoung’s modulusElasticity and stiffness on subcellular level: role of collagen, elastin and intercellular matrix • Mechanical characteristic of muscle, connective tissue, bone and bone connectionTissue replacement from mechanical point of view
Biosignals: Examined subject as a physical systemTime and physical dimensions of biosignalsPhysical nature of different biosignalsBiosignal characteristicsPeriodicity and quasiperiodicityFrequency and power spectraBiosignal sensors and convertersPolygraphic recordExamples of examination methodsBiofeedback
Therapy and Intervention Electrocoagulation

Biophysics of Body Systems
Physical Effects on Human Body • Effect of Gravitation on Human Body • Effect of Pressure on Human Body • Effect of Temperature on Human Body • Effect of Radioactivity on Human Body • Effect of Electromagnetic Radiation on Human Body • Electric Injury
Water and Ionts Homeostasis
Energetic Homeostasis and Metabolism
Nervous system
Sensory system
Eye dignostic meth.:GDxOptical Coherence TomographyFluorescein AngiographyVisual field analysis therapy:
Human Auditory System dignostic meth.Audiometry
Motoric system
Heart and Cardiovascular system physiology:Mechanism of Heart Action dignostic meth.:EKG
Respiratory system
Gastrointestinal system
Urinary system
Reproductive system

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