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a. Local AnaesthesiaLocal Anestesia Agents

b. Nodiular Thyroid Disease – diagnosis, surg. therapy

c. Obstruction of the Small Intestine – mechanical obstruction (simple obstruction , strangulation obstruction, intussusception, volvulus

d. Major Trauam (Polytrauma), Multiple Trauma – definition, primary survey management ABCDE

e. Tetralogy of Fallot


a. Infections of the Hand and Fingers

b. Pleural Empyema– etiology, types, diagnosis, surgical therapy

c. Acute Abdominal Pain

d. Fractures and Their Classification

e. Myocardial Protection during open-heart surgery


a. Asepsis, Antisepsis, Sterilisation, Desinfection

b. Neoplasms of the Thyroid Gland, Thyroid Lobectomy, Near-total Thyroidectomy indications,complications

c. Acute Pancreatitis

d. Soft Tissue Injuries Surgical Wound Classification and Necrotizing Fasciitis

e. Ventricular Septal Defects


a. Antibiotics in Surgery

b. Operative Procedures of the Thyreoid Gland

c. Peritonitis Diffusa Purulenta – symptoms, investigation, therapy

d. Trauma of Joints

e. Extracranial Cerebrovascular Disease


a. Anaerobis Infections– diagnosis, treatment.

b. Parathyroidal Glands– disease, surgical. therapy

c. Ileus – types, diagnosis, differential diagnosis

d. Diaphragm Trauma– signs, diagnosis,surgery terapy

e. Aortic Valve Surgery


a. Wound Infection – classification, prevention , therapy

b. Pancreas Neoplasms – symptoms, investigation, localization, therapy

c. Appendicitis Acuta

d. Dislocation of Shoulder Joint

e. Tricuspidal Valve Surgery


a. Fluid and Electrolyte Management

b. Carcinoid Tumors

c. Complications of Appendicitis

d. Fractures of the Scapula and Clavicle

e. Vascular Injuries


a. Unconsciousness – types, diagnosis, treatment

b. Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Syndrome

c. Division of Acute Abdomen

d. Fractures of Humerus

e. Atrial Septal Defects


a. First Aid Treatment, Structure and Steps, Roles

b. Mediastinal Tumors

c. Positions of Appendix, Atypical Appendicitis

d. Pneumothorax Traumaticus– first aid, diagnosis, treatment

e. Pulmonary Embolism


a. Decubitus

b. Brest Cancer and Clinical Brest Examination

c. Acute Appendicitis in Pregnancy and in Childhood

d. Fractures of the Distal Humerus

e. Transposition of the Great Arteries


a. Types of Wound, treatment

b. Brest Cancer Mamography, Ultrasonography and MRI, Screaning for Brest Cancer – frequency of performing examination

c. Acute Abdomen - Objective Symptoms

d. Fracture of the Olecranon

e. Trombembolic Disease


a. Healing of the Wounds– timing and technical point of wiew

b. Hiatus Hernia, Achalasia, Gastrooesophageal Reflux ,Surgical Treatment Oesophageal Reflux Disease

c. RUQ - Right Upper Quadrant Pain

d. Forearm Fractures – classification, treatment options, Monteggi fracture, Galeazii fracture

e. Mechanical and Biological Artefitial Valve Prostheses


a. Surgical InfectionHost Defense Barrier , Resident Microbial Flora, Exotoxins.

b. Oesophageal Neoplasm – symptoms,diagnosis, surgical therapy

c. Syndrome of the Epigastrium

d. Distal Radius FracturesColles fracture, Smith fracture, classification, treatment options, complications

e. Congenital Malformation of the Thoracic Aorta


a. Sepsis, MOF, SIRS

b. Neoplasms of the Lung– symtoms, Preoperative Evaluation of operative risk, therapy Left Lower Quadrant Pain

c. Fractures of the Distal Ulna – diagnosis, therapy

d. Mechanical Heart Support


a. Treatment of Surgical Inflamation

b. Inguinal Hernia

c. Acute Gastrointestinal Bleeding

d. Fractures of the Carpus

e. Pericardial Disease


a. General Responses to Injury and Acute Illness

b. Acute Pancreatitis– symptoms, diagnosis, intensive and surgical therapy

c. Blunt Trauma, Hemoperitoneum– diagnosis and therapy

d. Tracheal and Tracheobronchial Injuries– symptoms, diagnosis, surgical therapy

e. Surgery of Cerebrovascular Insufficiency Asymptomatic Stenosis of the Carotid Artery


a. Nutricion in Surgical Patients

b. Chronic Pancreatitis– symptoms, diagnosis, surgical therapy

c. Strangulated External Hernia

d. Ankle Sprain – anatomy of ankle, cassification , diagnostic, treatment, complications

e. Surgery of Cardiac Arrythmias


a. Investigation in Surgery

b. Pancreas Neoplasms – symptoms, diagnosis, surgical therapy

c. Vascular Ileus

d. Fractures of the Pelvis

e. Arteriovenous Fistulas


a. Preoperative Care, Risk Assessment

b. Spleen, Indications for Splenectomy

c. Acute Intestinal Obstruction

d. Fractures of the Proximal Femur

e. Ischemia of Visceral Arteries– symptoms, diagnosis,therapy

f. Diagnosis,Treatment


a. General Anaesthesia

b. Liver Cysts and Abscess

c. Acute Abdomen - Subjective Symptoms

d. Fractures of the Shalf of the Femur

e. Aortoiliac Arterosclerotic Occlusive Disease


a. Basic Operating Techniques– knots, sutures, abdominal and chest drain

b. Portal Hypertension – symptoms, diagnosis, surgical therapy

c. Peritonitis Purulenta Diffusa – symptoms, investigatins, diagnosis,therapy

d. Injuries of the Knee Ligaments

e. Vascular Access for Hemodialysis (arterial, a-v fistulas)


a. Postoperative Care

b. Cholelithiasis– symptoms, diagnosis, therapy

c. Lymphadenitis Mesenterialis

d. Fractures of the Proximal Tibia

e. Cardiac Tamponade


a. Trombembolis Disease

b. Operation on Gallbladder and Bile Ducts

c. Acute Abdomen Differential Diagnosis

d. Fractures of the Shalf of Tibia

e. Surgery of the Ischemic Heart Disease


a.Respiratory Complication after Operation

b. Gastric Peptis Ulcera – symptoms, diagnosis, surgical therapy

c. Ileus Classification

d. Ankle Sprain – anatomy of ankle, cassification , diagnostic, treatment, complications

e. Heard Tumors


a. Tracheostomy – indication, complication

b. Gastric Neoplasms

c. Acute Cholecystitis, Hydrops and Empyema – symptoms, investigations, surgical strategy , indication for laparoscopy and laparotomy operation

d. Fractures of the Os Calcis

e. Vascular Complications of Diabetes Melitus– Surgical Threapy


a. Pulmonary Embolism– symptoms, diagnosis, therapy, prevention

b. Operation on Stomach ( Type I, Type II )

c. Haematemesis, Melena– definition, investigation, therapy

d. Ankle Ligaments Injury

e. Heart Transplantation


a. Postoperative Local Complication

b. Duodenal Disease

c. Acute Appendicitis

d. Fractures of the Metatarsals

e. Arterial Aneurysm – clinic and treatement


a. Transfusion of Blood, ABO antigens, Rh antigens, pretransfusion testing, acute transfusion reactions, symptoms, therapy

b. Small Intestine - Inflamation Diseases, Injuries

c. Volvulus – definition, symptoms, diagnosis , therapy

d. Fracture of Spine – first aid, classification , therapy

e. Patent Ductus Arteriosus


a.Shock Septic – definition, key points, intensive therapy

b. Brest Cancer – epidemiology, types of brest cancer, screenuing

c. Ulcreative Colitis – symptoms, complications, surgical urgent therapy

d. Lung Contusion– patophysiology, classification, diagnosis, therapy

e. Chornic Venous Insufficiention– patophysiology, symptoms, therapy


a. Shock – definition, patophysiology, types, intensive therapy

b. Colorectal Operations – hemicolectomy,colectomy, proctocolectomy, abdominoperineal amputation, colostomy]]

c. Invagination

d. Polytrauma – definition, rules, strategy and intensive surgical therapy

e. The Clinical Examination Vascular System


a. Left Lower Quadrant Pain

b. Inflamatory Bowel Diesease

c. Fluid, Electrolyte and Acid-Base Balance

d. Pneumothorax– types, first aid, diagnosis, therapy

e. Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms – clinics, therapy


a. Warfare Injuries

b. Colorectal Neoplasms

c. Preoperative Care of High Risk Patients

d. Haemothorax – definition, symptoms, diagnosis, therapy (drainage, thoracotomy, thoracoscopy)

e. Thoracic Outlet Syndrom


a. Burns – definition, 9 Wallace rule, complication (general and local)

b. Haemorrhoides – types, localization, surgical therapy

c. Portal Hypertension and Variceal Bleeding – Early Evalution and treatement

d. Fracture of the Ribs, Multiple Fractures, Flail Chest – therapy

e. Extracorporal Circulation (Heart and Lung Machine)


a. Crush Syndrome– patophyiology, investigation, intensive therapy

b. Haemoperitoneum

c. Mediastinal Tumors – anatomy of mediastinum, localization and types of tumors, diagnosis and surgical therapy

d. Acute Arterial Occlusions (embolia, thrombosis)


a. Principles of Surgical Oncology– Contemporary Imaging, Serum Biochemical Markers, aprpriate Biopsy techniques, Staging-TNM classification

b. Malignannt Pleural Effusions– symptoms, diagnosis, surgical therapy

c. Ileus– symptoms, types ,diagnosis, therapy

d. Fracture Complication of the Healing

e. Evaluation in Patients with Vascular Disease


a.Enterorrhagy, Melena– definition, investigation, initial therapy

b. Pancreatitis Chronica– etiology, symptoms , nonsurgical and surgical therapy

c. Emphysema Bullosum – etiology, types, complications and surgical therapy

d. Flail Chest – patophysiology, surgical therapy ( stabilization )

e. Dissection of the Thoracic Aorta


a.Nasogastric Tube, Gastrostomy, Jejunostomy – definition and indication

b. Chest Injuries – thoracic wall, lung. Thoracotomy, Thoracoscopy

c. Pneumoperitoneum – etiology, diagnosis, therapy

d. Indication for Spleenectomy (traumatic and nontraumatic )

e. Surgfery of the Mitral Valve


a. Bacteraemia and Septicaemia – definition, Microbial Diagnosis of Infection

b. Inguinal Hernia – surgical anatomy, direct, indirect, complications, surgical therapy (classic, laparoscopic)

c. Colitis Ulcerosa, Toxic Megacolon– surg. therapy

d. Massive Haemothorax definition, Flail Chest – diagnosis, therapy

e. Pericarditis Exsudativa etiology, symptoms, investigations, therapy


a. Haemoptysis – definition, investigation , therapy

b. Ventral Hernias

c. Mediastinitis Acutea– etiology, diagnosis, surgical therapy

d. Gunshot Injuries– patophysiology, surgical strategy

e. Basic Principles in Vascular Surgery , Type of Prosthese