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Group 4

Biomechanics of fluids and blood circulation[✎ edit | edit source]

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Checked Evaluation Notice
Ideal fluid Victor avramenko (Avramenko, Victor) 4H 7/12 7/12 **
Continuity equation Isabellamichal (Michal, Isabella) 4F 7/12 7/12 ***
Bernoulli equation Mkuse (Kuse, Miare) 4G 6/12 7/12 ***
Real fluid NOBODY
Viscosity Enesdasm (Enes da Silva Nunes, Marisa Andreia) 4G 6/12 7/12 ****
Laminar flow 4E 7/12 7/12 **
Poiseuille's law NOBODY
Flick's laws Udehc (Udeh, Chioma) 4H 6/12 7/12 **
Newtonian fluid Marriotd (Marriot, David Henry) 4H 6/12 7/12 **
Non-Newtonian fluid Gomesm (Gomes, Maria Manuela) 4G 6/12 7/12 ***
Diffusion Ibrahim khan (Khan, Muhammad Ibrahim) 4E 6/12 ***
Osmosis Sophie Wienhold (Wienhold, Sophie) 4H 6/12 7/12 **
Osmotic pressure merzahm (Merzah, Muhammed) 4E 6/12 7/12 **
Biomechanics of blood circulation Leakadziya Kharytonchyk (Kharytonchyk, Leakadziya) 4F 6/12 6/12 **
Biomechanics of the heart vilarp (Vilar, Pedro) 4F 6/12 7/12 **
Biomechanics of blood vessels ribeirof (Ribeiro, Fernando) 4F 6/12 7/12 **
Blood flow 50085000 (Mohammedsaleh, Abdulhalim) 4E **
Blood pressure poojadhebar (Dhebar, Pooja Kishan) 4G 6/12 7/12 ***
Vessel replacement Trosienp (Trosien, Paul) 4F 6/12 7/12 ****

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