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Prof. Carmel J. Caruana pioneered the teaching of physics for the BSc/MSc Radiography, for trainee Radiologists (FRCR) and drove the development of the Medical Physics profession in Malta from the time when it was totally unknown to the point when it was recognized legally as a healthcare profession. On the European stage he was elected Chairperson for Education and Training of the EFOMP and worked on the ‘European Guidelines on the Medical Physics Expert (MPE)’ where he was lead author for the role and Education and Training chapters. He wrote the chapter for Medical Physicists in the MEDRAPET document. He subsequently extended the concepts of the European MPE Guidelines to other specialty areas of Medical Physics (e.g., MR Safety Expert and MR Safety Officer for MRI) and totally revamped the EFOMP policy statement on E&T (EFOMP PS12.1). He pushed for a model education and training programme for MPEs, the result – the EUTEMPE-RX, an FP7 programme targeted to for MPEs in Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology. During his term as EFOMP Chair for Education and Training he set up the EFOMP School for MPEs in Prague. As a sign of appreciation for this initiative he was in 2016 awarded honorary membership of the Czech Association of Medical Physicists. Carmel has been Associated Editor on the Editorial Board of Physica Medica - European Journal of Medical Physics for many years. As editorial board member he has championed the causes of the importance of scientific research into professional issues, E&T, management and strategic planning for MPs and now these are accepted topics for submission. He is now considered as a world leader in these areas and one of the foremost authorities on EU legislation regarding radiation protection. In his activities at the European and International levels he has provided vision for the development of the Medical Physics profession and presented on the challenges to the profession in conference halls all over Europe and beyond. Prof Caruana is recognised as a world expert in the teaching of physics to the medical and healthcare profession. As a sign of recognition of his scientific, educational and professional service to patients and profession he has been elected as fellow of the UK Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine (FIPEM).