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Topics of the seminar papers (i.e. Wikilectures articles), Biophysics, the 2-nd Faculty of Medicine, Academic year 2014-2015[edit | edit source]

Tasks[edit | edit source]

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Topic 1
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Topic 2
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/Group 1 Eye from the biophysical point of view Tissues from the biophysical point of view
/Group 2 Biophysical principles in regenerative medicine Biological membrane and membrane transport
/Group 3 Thermodynamics and living organism Influence of temperatures on human organism
/Group 4 Biomechanics of fluids and blood circulation (this one topics is extensive enough)

Remarks[edit | edit source]

  1. On the page Portal:Questions for final examination in biophysics (2. LF UK, GM) there is the List of questions for final examination in biophysics.
  2. Some of the topics are in blue i. e. such topics are done yet by our collegues in the previous years. (You can find it on the pages Forum:Seminar papers/Biophysics/2. LF/2012-2013 and Forum:Seminar papers/Biophysics/2. LF/2013-2014 respectively and you should be familiar with it.)
  3. On the other hand another topics are in red i. e. such topics are not prepared yet. So your task is to choose and then develop some topics which is not prepared yet i.e. some of the red topics.
  4. Important notice: You will prepare the articles here on Wikilectures (neither written papers nor PowerPoint presentations!)
  5. Every student has create his own account here on Wikilectures. Completing your real name is obligatory (not optional) – this will be used for giving you attribution for your work.
  6. Anonymous editing (i.e. editing without logging in) is not allowed!
  7. See Instruction!