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Group 2:

Tissue biomechanics[✎ edit | edit source]

Subquestions[✎ edit | edit source]

Biosignals[✎ edit | edit source]

Subquestions[✎ edit | edit source]

Responsibility for the page content[✎ edit | edit source]

Every subquestion should be developed by one student. First, type the username (and the real first name and surname, if differs) of students in the following table:

(Link to the subquestion)
Developed by
username (First_name Surname)
Harmonic oscillator User:Trevor (Trevor Dudley)
Driven harmonic oscillator User:kuijpers (Daniël Kuijpers)
Elasticity User:MartaGlasenapp (MartaGlasenapp)
Hook’s law User: Fatemah (Fatemah Matuk )
Elastic properties of tissues User:Matildam (Matilda Meinshausen)
Young’s modulus User:Mohammed (Mohammed Zubaylah)
Elasticity and stiffness on subcellular level User: Luca (Luca Mengozzi)
Mechanical characteristic of muscle, connective tissue, bone and bone connection User:Szandra122 (Alexandra Petohazi)
Tissue replacement from mechanical point of view User:AgataGraczynska (Agata Graczynska)
Examined subject as a physical system User:Abo Ghazi (Faisal Alajaily)
Time and physical dimensions of biosignals User:alnakhla (alnakhli abdulaziz)
Physical nature of different biosignals User:MaryJoe (Maria Jaros)
Biosignal characteristics User:Sara Alyateem (Sara Alyateem)
Periodicity and quasiperiodicity User:Jppostmus (Jan Pieter Postmus)
Frequency and power spectra User:Mirza92 (Mirza Alkhater)
Biosignal sensors and converters User:Murtada (Murtada Alhussian)
Polygraphic record User:Fatemh Aman (Fatemh Aman)
Examples of examination methods User:pengels1 (Patrick Engels)
Biofeedback User:Nasser (Nasser Albraq)

Developing subquestions[✎ edit | edit source]

Click on your red coloured subquestion on the table above. The appropriate edit window will be opened and you will start creating the content.