Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Action

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This answer is oriented to dentistry students.

Autonomic Centers in the CNS[edit | edit source]

Spinal Cord, Brain Stem[edit | edit source]

Autonomic centers integrate signals from autonomic and somatic receptors, and from the higher brain centers (hypothalamus, limbic system)

Hypothalamus[edit | edit source]

  • Effector functions
    • Hormone production
    • Neural control of the ANS
    • Neural control of the brain activity (modulatory neural pathways)
    • Behavior (sexual, feeding, thermoregulatory behavior)

Epithalamus, Pineal Gland[edit | edit source]

Basic characteristics of Sympathetic & Parasympathetic functions[edit | edit source]

Receptors of acetylcholine & catecholamines[edit | edit source]