Coagulation factors

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Coagulation cascade:

Coagulation factors are proteins that circulate in plasma in an inactive state. Their main function is to enable hemocoagulation (blood clotting). Most of them are produced by the liver.

Factor Name

Alternate Name

I fibrinogen cleavage of several peptides produces monomeric fibrin, which further forms a fibrin network
II* protrombin its active form (IIa) activates factors I, V, VII, VIII, XI, XIII, protein C and platelets
III tissue thromboplastin

"tissue factor"

factor VIIa cofactor
IV Ca2+ binding of coagulation factors to phospholipids
V proaccelerin, labile factor, accelerating globulin factor X cofactor – ensure the conversion of prothrombin to active thrombin
VI older name for factor Va
VII* proconvertin activates factors IX, X
VIII antihemophilic factor (AHF)

antihemophilic factor A – antihemophilic globulin (AHG)

factor IX cofactor
IX* The Christmas Factor

plasma thromboplastic component (PTC) - antihemophilic factor B

activates factor X
X* Stuart-Prower factor** activates factor II
XI plasma thromboplastin precursor

plasma thromboplastin antecedent (PTA) - antihemophilic factor C

activates factor IX
XII The Hageman factor

glass factor

activates factor XI, VII and prekallikrein
XIII fibrin stabilizing factor

The Laki-Lorand Factor

von Willebrand factor binds to factor VIII, enables platelet adhesion
high molecular weight kininogen (HMWK)

The Fitzgerald Factor

supports the mutual activation of XII, XI and prekallikrein
prekallikrein (PKK)

The Fletcher Factor

activates factor XII and prekallikrein, cleaves HMWK
platelet phospholipids

* vitamin K dependent

** named after the first two patients (Mr R. Stuart and Miss A. Prower) in whom factor X deficiency was described

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