The Edmonton Protocol

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The Edmont Protocol' is a binding standard ratified after 2000 by the world's leading workplaces collecting pancreas from donor bodies. The purpose of this document is to unify the subscription procedure. The introduction of the protocol has significantly helped to increase the long-term success rate of Pancreas Transplantation (today it is about 80-90%) as well as Islet of Langerhans Transplantation and their function from approx. 20% after one year of transplantation to today's 50-80 %. IKEM laboratories are based on this protocol.

The main points of the protocol are
  • donor age 25-70 years;
  • perfusion with UW solution, consistent local cooling;
  • cold ischemia within 8 hours;
  • warm ischemia up to 10 minutes max (preferably none);
  • exclusion of diabetes mellitus in the donor.

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