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Sipping (from the English sip) is a form of enteral nutrition in patients at risk of malnutrition, cancer patients, the elderly. It has a positive effect on wound healing and overall convalescence in long-term patients.

Objectives sipping[edit | edit source]

It is mainly a supplement of the organism:

Today, you can choose from several types of flavors - fruit, coffee, yogurt, but also without flavors.

In our market, we can find Nutridrink, Fresubin, Cubitan, Ensure a Resource. Sipping preparations are not only liquid drinks but also cream puddings.

Observance of the principles at sipping correct[edit | edit source]

It is a need:

  • inform the patient about the reason and benefits of sipping;
  • let the patient choose the flavor - the patient must taste the drink, otherwise, he will not drink it;
  • to choose the right product for diabetics – Diben, Diasip;
  • sipping - drinking, the drink is drunk in sips, in spoons with pauses, never all at once (risk of bloating, stomach upset, or diarrhea);
  • it is important to drink within one hour (125-200 ml);
  • control the effect or side effects;
  • serve a cold drink;
  • sipping is good to take between meals, 2-3 times a day.

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