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Colonic tubulovillous polyp

Polyp is a local prominence (arching) of the mucous membrane. It is a morphological unit describing the appearance, not the histological structure.

By shape
  1. sedentary;
  2. stalked.
According to histological nature
  1. tumorous (polyposis Adenomas, polyposis lipom);
  2. non-cancerous (Pseudotumorous);
    • inflammatory – non-specific granulation tissue, ulcerated on the surface and re-epithelialized (in the GIT);
    • fibrovascular – proliferation of the submucosa (nasal, cervical polyp);
    • hyperplastic - proliferation of the mucous membrane with partially preserved glandular structures (gastric and intestinal polyps in chronic inflammations-Ulcerative colitis, etc.).

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