Mucous dystrophy

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Hlenová dystrofie je porucha amorfní složky mezibuněčné hmoty, která se týká hromadění nebo úbytku hlenu.

Accumulation of mucus of epithelial origin (acidic mucopolysaccharides - mucin)[edit | edit source]

Mucus hypersecretion during inflammation

If the inflammation affects the mucous membrane, hypersecretion of mucus occurs, which then mixes with the exudatethe so-called catarrhal inflammation katarální.

Alopecia mucinosa

Accumulation of mucosubstances between the epithelia lining the hair follicles.

Cystic fibrosis (cystic fibrosis)

Congenital metabolic disorder, AR hereditary disease. It is caused by a mutation v genein the CFTR 7. chromosomewhich is expressed in the epithelial cells lining the gland ducts. Its product is a transmembrane protein that serves as a Cl - and H 2 O transporter across the membrane. The result of the defect is a great thickening of the secretion. It affects the lungs, pancreas, liver, intestine, gonads.

Searchtool right.svg For more information see Cystic Fibrosis.
Increased mucus production in some tumors

E.g. mucinous carcinoma (carcinoma adenomatosum muciparum) or gelatinous carcinoma from signet ring cells.

Ganglion na zápěstí 47-leté ženy

Accumulation of mucus of mesenchymal origin (neutral mucopolysaccharides – mucoid)[edit | edit source]


It arises when tissue is repeatedly traumatized (e.g. in the subcutaneous tissue in the area of ​​tendon attachments) as a tissue-encapsulated cavity filled with mucus. A similar process in the artery wall is referred to as cystic adventitial degeneration


Accumulation of mucous substances in the joint during hypothyroidism (can be acquired – hypothyroidism, or congenital – cretinism). Mucopolysaccharides bind water and edema occurs - pretibial, hands, feet, eyelids, tongue and submucosal tissue of the larynx (thickening of the voice).

Erdheim's cystic medionecrosis

It affects the media of the aorta, in which the muscle and elastic disappear, sinuses filled with mucus are formed. These predispose to aortic dissection ..


Accumulation of mucus in various tissues due to enzyme defect. They can be acquired or congenital.

They can be divided into mucopolysaccharidoses:

  • with mucopolysacchariduria (enzymopathy affecting lysosomes) - mucus often accumulates in the corium (thickening of the skin - gargoyles - gargoyles) or in the bones (growth disorders);
  • without mucopolysacchariduria (incorrect distribution of enzymes - absent in lysosomes, found extracellularly).

Loss of mucus of mesenchymal origin[edit | edit source]


A relative increase in collagen (due to a decrease in GAG), e.g. in senile atrophied skin. Atherosclerosis also changes the ratio in the representation of mucosubstances (increase in dermatan and heparan sulfate, decrease in the amount of chondroitin sulfate) .


Absolute increase in collagen (the amount of GAG remains normal).

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