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Lymphangiomas are enlarged and dilated lymphatic vessels with a tendency to enlarge.

Hygroma colli cysticum − Lymphangioma cysticum

Lymphangioma simplex[edit | edit source]

  • small, circumscribed
  • hl. on the lip

Lymphangioma cavernosum[edit | edit source]

  • from lacunae of lymphatic vessels
  • circumscribed / diffuse
  • on the lip → macrocheilia, on the tongue → macroglossia
  • changes in the jaws (hypertrophy / pressure atrophy)

Lymphangioma cysticum[edit | edit source]

  • polycystic tumor in the submandibular region and neck
  • considerable size already at birth

Capillary form of lymphatic vessel involvement[edit | edit source]

  • gradual enlargement of lymphangiomas
  • residue of lymph in the caudal parts of the face
  • exclusively surgical treatment of lymphangiomas (not always successful)

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