Graafian follicle

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Scheme of oocyte development. 1. immature oocyte, 2. maturing oocyte, 3. mature Graafian oocyte, 4. ovulation, 5. corpus luteum, 6. degeneration of corpus luteum

The term Graaf follicle (vesicular follicle) refers to a mature ovarian follicle in the final stage of development following ovulation. Sometimes, however, this name refers purely to the preovulatory phase, a few hours before ovulation.

It is formed by an oocyte' (about 130 μm in diameter) and surrounding supporting (follicular or granulose) cells. It has a spherical shape, in which there is an enlargement of the cavity (antra), which is filled with a fluid, between the follicular cells. The oocyte is located at the edge of this internal cavity, it is surrounded on all sides by an island of follicular cells - these cells therefore form the so-called cumulus oophorus. Surrounding the oocyte is an amorphous envelope, the zona pellucida.

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