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A cementoma is a tumor-like formation made of matter corresponding to the structure of cement.;

Distribution[edit | edit source]

Benign cementoblastoma[edit | edit source]

  • right cementoblastoma;
  • rare, occurence in peple under 25 years, in the region of premolares and molares;
  • benign, growing slowly, attached to the root of the tooth tooth;
  • can cause enlargement of the mandible.

Gigantiform cementoma[edit | edit source]

  • benign;
  • formed by calcified masses of acellurar cementum;
  • grows to a considerable size, enlarges and deform the jaws;
  • middle aged women.

Peripical cementum dysplasia[edit | edit source]

  • replacement of bone with fibrous tissue, which later calcifies, ossifies and sclerotizes;
  • occurrence in the mandible, landscape of incisors;
  • does not cause problems, if it is close to the surface may occur mucosal Ulceration ;
  • common in older woman.

Cementing fibroma[edit | edit source]

  • benign
  • it occurs again in the mandible, but in the area of premolars and molars.

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references[edit | edit source]

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