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Template:Infobox - disease Blepharitis is a chronic inflammation of the edges of the eyelids. The transition of the skin to the mucous membrane of the conjunctiva is very sensitive to various factors. The most common symptom of inflammation is hyperemia, due to the significant vascular supply. Blepharitis is most often caused by staphylococcal infection or it occurs during sebborhoic dermatitis.

Squamous blepharitis[edit | edit source]

In this form of blepharitis, we observe the formation of scales between the eyelashes and increased blood flow in the entire edge of the eyelids. It takes place as a chronic inflammation accompanied by itching, burning and eye fatigue. Seborrheic eczema often appears on the skin of the eyelids. The cause is often uncorrected or poorly corrected refractive error. We observe squamous blepharitis more often in diabetics, in patients with chronic kidney disease or with inflammation of the alimentary canal. Aggravation of hyperemia manifests itself in smoky, cold or, on the contrary, warm premises.

  • Correction of refractive error.
  • Removal of irritating factors.
  • Mechanical removal of scales with a cotton brush.
  • Rubbing the edges of the eyelids with a 3% AgNO3 solution.
  • Massage with corticosteroid ointment in combination with antibiotics − sulfonamides.

Ulcerative blepharitis[edit | edit source]

Ulcerative blepharitis is caused by purulent bacteria, in particular streptococci and S. aureus. In the terrain already affected by squamous blepharitis, purulent deposits begin to form. Hyperemia, redness and swelling of the edges of the eyelids are visible, and we can see dried secretions between the eyelashes. Eyelashes often fall out or scars form on the edge of the lids causing the eyelashes to grow against the bulb. As a result of inflammation, scarred ectropion, epiphora, chronic conjunctivitis occur.

  • Local application of antibiotics (sulfonamides).
  • In case of severe inflammation, general antibiotic treatment.

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