Benign renal tumors

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Benign renal tumors are rare. They include:

Angiomyolipoma - ultrasound - hyperechogenic deposit /fat tissue/
Angiomyolipoma of the right kindey – CT - hypodense deposit /fat tissue/
  • angiomyolipoma,
  • hamartoma,
  • fibroma,
  • hemangioma,
  • leiomyoma,
  • adenoma - 3 cm in diameter,
  • oncocytoma (a type of adenoma that grows from the interstitial cells of the collecting ducts) - it has a round shape and doesn't metastasize. It is often asymptomatic. Histologically we are not able to differentiate an oncocytoma from a chromophobic renal carcinoma, therefore a nephrectomy is recommended.

Biologic behaviour of an adenoma + oncocytoma is unclear - nephrectomy is recommended.

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