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BI-RADS = Breast Imaging-Reporting and Data System. It is an evaluation system for screening and mammographic breast diagnosis. It is related to the opinion and experience of the examining physician and decides on the subsequent procedure of diagnostics, examinations and inspections. Categories fall within the scope of BI-RADS 0–6.


  • BI-RADS 0 – incomplete finding, it is not possible to decide on the result, the need for further examination;
  • BI-RADS 1 – negative finding, no abnormalities;
  • BI-RADS 2 – benign finding, no signs of malignancy;
  • BI-RADS 3 – probably benign finding, very low probability of malignancy;
  • BI-RADS 4 – suspicious finding, probability of malignancy low to high;
  • BI-RADS 5 – probably a malignant finding;
  • BI-RADS 6 – known malignancy.


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