Antral follicle

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Secondary follicle

The antral or secondary follicle is one of several stages of development of the growing Graafian follicle.

Development to the antral follicle stage[edit | edit source]

As the follicle matures, changes occur - the oocyte grows rapidly, flat follicular cells proliferate and take on a cuboidal shape. Follicular cells divide and subsequently form the membrana granulosa (multilayered epithelium). At this point, we call the follicle a multilayered primary follicle . Between the oocyte and the follicular cells, a wide envelope is formed - the zona pelucida . The ovarian stroma adjacent to the follicle also differentiates in the theca folliculi (we distinguish between theca interna and theca externa). As the follicle grows, a fluid called liquor folliculi accumulates between the granulosa cells. The cavities created in this way with the liquor folliculi then merge and form a cavity - the antrum . This follicle is already referred to as a secondary (antral) follicle.

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