Actinomyces israeli

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Microscopic preparation of Actinomyces israelii with purulent exudate and sulfuric granules originating from an abscess in the pelvis of a young female patient.

Actinomyces israeli belongs to the actinomycetes. This gram-positive anaerobic bacterium causes the following diseases - actinomycosis. Actinomyces israeli infections are characterized by the appearance of abscesses with fistulas, through which a purulent sulfur-yellow exudate escapes. This sulfuric exudate contains colonies of bacteria, so-called granules or drusen.

Oropharyngeal actinomycosis[edit | edit source]

Actinomycetes form the natural microflora of the oral cavity. It is therefore an opportunistic infection of the oral cavity. The clinical manifestation of this disease consists in the formation of abscesses with fistulas.

Endometritis not related to pregnancy[edit | edit source]

Non-pregnancy-related endometritis can have non-infectious causes, including the insertion of an intrauterine device. However, this contraceptive method carries with it the risk of Actinomyces israeli infection.

Tuboovarian abscess[edit | edit source]

Tuboovarian abscess is considered a very serious inflammatory condition of the adnexa of the female reproductive system. It is an encapsulated intraperitoneal formation with typical fistulas.

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