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Guys from the WikiSkripta translation team may continue editing in the text from my board on Trello. In case you're not from Ondra Theimer's team, feel free to contact him to get the .doc. I might as well put it on Slack, but I'm too lazy atm ^_^ This anonymous edit was me, but I got logged off for some reason. – DVSmutny, 11th November 2020

  • The page is essentially complete, but citations and other standard sections are still needed. We agreed on leaving that to editors on our meeting with Ondra Theimer. – DVSmutny, 13th November 2020

Collision with "Digestion of ..." pages[edit source]

I will upload my own translation of the entire Digestion page. In case a collision happens, may editors feel free to either replace paragraphs of my translation with templates of existing "Digestion of ..." pages, or create new "Digestion of ..." pages based on my translation. So far this collision is only bound to happen with the Digestion of lipids page. – DVSmutny, 11th November 2020

  • The Digestion of Lipids section will be imported from its respective page. – DVSmutny, 13th November 2020