Systemic circulation

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Arteries[edit | edit source]

The aorta[edit | edit source]

Arcus aortae and its branching
Circle of Willis
Ascending aorta – Aorta ascendens[edit | edit source]
  • Right and left coronary arteries – Arteria coronaria dextra et sinistra
Aortic arch – Arcus aortae[edit | edit source]
  • Brachiocephalic trunk – truncus brachiocephalicus
Right common carotid artery – arteria carotis communis dextra
Right subclavian artery – arteria subclavia dextra
Left common carotid artery – arteria carotis communis sinistra
Left subclavian artery– arteria subclavia sinistra
    • Common carotid artery – arteria carotis communis
Internal carotid artery – arteria carotis interna
External carotid artery – arteria carotis externa
– Supply the head and neck with oxygenated blood
    • Subclavian artery – arteria subclavia
Axillary artery – arteria axillaris
Brachial artery – arteria brachialis
Radial artery – arteria radialis
Ulnar artery – arteria ulnaris
– Blood supply to the upper extremity
Descending aorta – Aorta descendens[edit | edit source]
  • Thoracic aorta – aorta thoracica
Splenic artery – arteria splenica/lienalis
Gastric artery – arteria gastrica
Hepatic artery – arteria hepatica
  • Abdominal aorta – Aorta abdominialis
    • Paired visceral branches:
Suprarenal arteries – arteriae suprarenales
Renal arteries – arteriae renales
Testicular arteries – arteriae testiculares
Ovarian arteries – arteriae ovaricae
  • Unpaired visceral arteries:
Superior mesenteric artery – arteria mesenterica superior
Inferior mesenteric artery – arteria mesenterica inferior
– Blood supply to the guts
Right common iliac artery – arteria iliaca communis dextra
Left common iliac artery – arteria iliaca communis sinistra
    • Common iliac artery – arteria iliaca communis
Internal iliac artery – arteria iliaca interna
External iliac artery – arteria iliaca externa
Femoral artery – arteria femoralis
Anterior tibial artery – arteria tibialis anterior
Posterior tibial artery – arteria tibialis posterior
– Blood supply to the lower extremity

Blood supply of the brain[edit | edit source]

The blood goes to the brain by:

2 internal carotid arteries – arteria carotis interna dextra et sinistra
2 vertebral arteries – arteriae vertebrales

At the brain stem level the vertebral arteries join together, forming the basilary artery – arteria basilaris. The basilar artery together with internal carotid arteries create the circle of Willis.