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Many crimes murders (§ 140 Tr.z.) has a sexual motive in the broadest sense of the word. They are common murders out of jealousy, in marital and partner conflicts. Date ssexual murder however, it is reserved for those cases where the offender kills the victim in connection with his sexual excitement and satisfaction.

Phenomenology of sexual murder it is colorful. However, there are two basic forms.

  • In the first of these, the victim is beaten or outright killed by a violent attack and then sexually manipulated.
  • In the second, the victim is attacked, intimidated, tortured, sexually exploited and then killed.

Victims of sexual murders they are mainly women and children of both sexes. But there are also sexual murders of men. In connection with the erotic motif, it is mainly about children's objects or adolescent boys. Also, a heterosexual offender can understandably attack a girl in childhood or a teenage girl.

Murders are directly related to sexual motivation, followers removing the object as an inconvenient witness to the crime (killing raped a woman who threatens to disclose the crime, killing the object sexual abuse from the same motive, etc.). Murders motivated in this way are rightly classified as sexual murders, even if their motivation was not immediately erotic.

In our files of sex killers, we find that almost half of them signaled their dangerousness by committing a less serious sexual offense in the past.

Perpetrators of sexual murder they are mostly men under the age of thirty, like other sexual aggressors. Sometimes we can classify them as pathological sexual aggressors or sadists. Paraphilia it is established in only half of the cases.

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Author: doc. MUDr. Jaroslav Zvěřina, CSc. (principal Sexuologického ústavu 1. LF a VFN)

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