Pathological sexual aggression

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  • MNK-10: this paraphilia does not have a separate sign, so it belongs to "Other sexual preference disorders" F65.8

Some repetitive and dangerous sexual aggressors have no obvious sadistic deviant disposition. These young offenders attack women they do not know. Their attack is violent, without any attempt at verbal communication. The assaulted woman is groped, sometimes knocked down or raped. The attacker resists any cooperation from the victim. The behavioral stereotypes of these men resemble hunting behavior. Often these men are psychopathic personalities with a slight mental defect. Their social adaptation tends to be significantly defective. If they have any partnership at all, it tends to be dysfunctional and conflictual.

These dangerous sexual aggressors must be distinguished from immature, completely sexually inexperienced youths. However, the distinction is not always easy. Especially for young men without sexual partner experience, it would be a mistake to consider them incapable of conventional sexual adaptation just because they have committed a few sexually aggressive offenses.

Massers and terriers form a relatively separate subgroup of pathological sexual aggressors. Their sexual excitement and satisfaction is enhanced when they press themselves on women in completely impersonal situations, or touch women in such situations. They retaliate by rubbing against the victim (terriers) or by touching objects (touchers), and tactile contact is what they strive for the most. They usually do not tend to communicate with the object and often actively avoid any communication. Due to the anonymity of the object and the refusal to communicate, the inkers and terriers are included in a large family of deviations with disorders of pairing mechanisms.

The most popular field of realization of terry clothers and inkers is crowding in public transport, in queues for anything, but also concerts of rock bands and similar situations.

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