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Every individual has a certain amount of the skin pigment melanin in their skin, which protects the body against UV radiation. Long-term evolution and the need to adapt to natural conditions have resulted in differences in skin pigmentation in different populations, which are now genetically determined.

Expresses the intensity of pigmentation - the natural colour of the skin and is determined by the response of skin to exposure to spring or early summer midday sun. This reaction correlates with skin pigmentation, eye and hair colour. The lighter the skin, hair and eyes, the lower the skin phototype number. As the phototype number increases, the skin's resistance to sunlight increases.

Phototype Looks Reaction to the sun
Phototype I Noticeably fair skin, red hair, large number of freckles, blue eyes. Almost always gets sunburned, tans only red, skin does not turn brown.
Phototype II Light skin, sparse freckles, light hair, blue, green or grey eyes. They tan red, often get sunburned.
Phototype III Light brown skin, brown to dark hair, brown eyes They tan well, rarely burn, mild sunburn.
Phototype IV Dark skin, very dark hair and eyes. Virtually never burns.
Phototype V Very dark skin, dark to black hair (Indian or Arab skin). Never burns.
Phototype VI Darkest type. Never gets burned.

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