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Miserere is defined as emesis of intestinal contents or of substance that resembles the appearance of intestinal contents. Vomiting may have a feculent odor (stool like). The word miserere has its origin in Latin and means "have mercy". Vomiting the intestinal contents in the past was a sign that the unfortunate man had only a short life left, and he had no choice but to ask God for mercy.

Cave!!!.png This is a symptom based on a very serious, life-threatening condition of the patient − GIT obstruction at the level of the intestine or passageway disorder.

The causes of miserere may be: [1]:

  • bowel obstruction;
  • peritonitis with ileus;
  • gastrocolic fistula;
  • intestinal ischemia (např. embolus v a. mesenterica superior nebo inferior);
  • bacterial overgrowth in the stomach or small intestine.


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