Migration and Transmigration of Teeth

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Migration of Teeth[edit | edit source]

  • Is the tooth movement occuring AFTER tooth eruption
  • Causes:
  1. Periodontal disease
  2. Occlusal trauma
  • Factors that influence their movement:
  1. Masticatory forces
  2. Tongue forces
  3. cheeks
  4. Lips
  • Manifestation:
  1. Rotation
  2. Diastema
  3. Extrusion, intrusion
  4. Proclination

Transmigration[edit | edit source]

impacted upper canines
  • Tooth movement BEFORE tooth eruption
  • The tooth moves inside the mandible (or maxilla), like a "Tunnel Boring Machine"
  • As a result the tooth might erupt in a wrong place (transposition or ectopy) or even remain under the bone (impacted)
  • More commonly seen in mandibular permanent canines

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