Mesangial cells

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Glomerulus; 5a−intraglomerular mesangium; 5b−extraglomerular mesangium

They are of mesenchymal origin and form short processes capable of contraction. It forms about 1/3 of the cells of the glomerulus - the set of these cells is referred to as the mesangium. On the surface, they have receptors for various substances (hormones, vasoactive substances, cytokines...). About 5% of them come from the bone marrow and belong to the monocytomacrophage system. Other functions include the formation of capillary reinforcement and supports, with their contractility they can regulate the size of the filtration area of ​​the capillary wall and we must not forget their secretory function (they produce proteins, bioactive peptides, immunomodulating peptides, proteases, endothelin, renin, prostaglan.


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