Meralgia paresthetica

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Supply area in red n. cutaneus femoris lateralis

Meralgia paraesthetica is a strait syndrome in which compression of the n. cutaneus femoris lateralis (from the plexus lumbalis) occurs during its course from the pelvis below the ligamentum inguinale. It occurs more often in obese people, pregnant women and diabetics.

Speeches[edit | edit source]

It is manifested by intense burning pain' and paresthesias on the outer side of the thigh. There may also be hearing impairment in this area.

Pain is typically relieved with hip flexion.

Treatment[edit | edit source]

The basic measure is to reduce body weight. Further, it is performed with local anesthetics and corticosteroids injections. Medicines can be given to treat neuropathic pain (Template:HVLP, Template:HVLP).

If the problems persist, surgical treatment is indicated - release of the nerve. Its results are often unsatisfactory

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