Internal capsule

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Horizontal section of the internal capsule

The internal capsule descends from the center semiovale between the thalamus and basal ganglia.

  • leads most cortical centripetal and centrifugal fibers
  • in the horizontal section it has the shape of an externally open V - between the arms there is ncl. lentiformis (putamen + globus pallidus)

Description[edit | edit source]

  • crus anteriusanterior arm between caput nuclei caudati and ncl. lentiformistr. fronto-pontinus
  • genekneetractus corticonuclearis (for facial muscles)
  • crus posteriusposterior arm between thalamus a ncl.lentiformiscorticospinal tract (for limb and torso muscles), tr. cortico-rubralis, tr. cortico-reticularis
  • pars retrolenticularis – enlarged part dorsally from ncl. lentiformis - tr. parieto-occipito-pontinus, radiatio optica a austica (end of the visual and auditory pathway)
    • in the crus anterius + gene + crus posterius the fibers connecting the thalamus and the cortex run - radiatio thalami anterior, superior et posterior
    • capsula externa (between putamen and claustrum) and capsula extrema (between claustrum and insular cortex) extend from the internal capsule
    • during bleeding in the area of the internal capsule – the diagnosis is determined according to the typical symptoms of damage to individual pathways

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