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Hypophosphataemia is a condition with plasma phosphate concentration <0.97 mmol/l in adults, <0.6 mmol/l in older children and <1.2 mmol/l in infants.

The reference values ​​phosphate for are more dependent on calcium depending on the patient's age, the reference range 1,2–2,0 can be simply taken into account mmol/l.

Causes of hypophosphatemia include intra- and extracellular phosphate redistribution, increased renal phosphate excretion, decreased intestinal absorption, or a combination of the foregoing, hyperparathyroidism, or deficiency vitamin D.

Clinically, hypophosphatemia may present as muscle weakness. Risk factors or causes include chronic alcoholism or sudden abstinence, and diabetic ketoacidosis. Depending on the severity of the condition, we supplement with 'sodium phosphate' or potassium phosphate 5-10 mg/kg i.v. for dosi within 6 hours.

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