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In some cases, there are multiple versions of an article on a topic in WikiLectures. For example, an article on Type I diabetes mellitus is treated differently from the perspective of biochemistry - Type 1 diabetes mellitus (biochemistry) and endocrinology - Type 1 diabetes mellitus (endocrinology). In such cases, it is advisable to set up a signpost to allow the reader to find exactly the page they are looking for.

The signpost is created using the {{ Signpost}} template, as shown in the following example:

Source code
* [[Type 1 diabetes mellitus (biochemistry)]]
* [[Type 1 diabetes mellitus (endocrinology)]]
Produces result
Signpost There are more articles for this query in WikiLectures.

Signposts can also be created for abbreviations with the same wording but different meanings (for example, CSF can mean both Colony stimulating factor and Cerebrospinal Fluid).

The signposts themselves should not be linked directly from other sites. Links should go directly to a specific version of the article. There is a special page Category:Signpost to search for pages linking to signposts.