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Group 4:

Optical microscopy[✎ edit | edit source]

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X-rays in medicine[✎ edit | edit source]

Subquestions[✎ edit | edit source]

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Every subquestion should be developed by one or two students. First, type the subquestions and the name of students in the following table:

(Link to the subquestion)
Developed by
username (First_name Surname)
Resolution of human eye User: mazen ab (Mazin Ali Badi Ali)
Imaging principle of optical microscope User: Iolanda (Iolanda Carvalho)
Construction and function of optical microscope User: Dhiren Brahmbhatt (Dhiren Brahmbhatt)
Abbe’s theory User:tmsouthwood (Theresa Southwood)
Limit of resolution of optical microscope User:Anjali (Anjali Kumar)
Magnification of optical microscope User:Varun (Varun Kakkar)
Depth of sharpness of optical microscope User:Diogo2301 (Rui Martins)
Contrast of optical microscope User:LeonorSR (Leonor Raposo)
Microscopic techniques User:Vsanji23 (Vaishnav Potti)
Transmitted light microscopy User:rutecastelhano (Rute Castelhano)
Reflected light microscopy User:Carolinagomes (Carolina Gomes)
Phase microscopy User:Diogo Simões (Diogo Simoes)
Inverse microscope User:RosárioCalado (Maria do Rosário Calado)
Polarizing microscopy User:InesdeSousaCorreia (Ines de Sousa Correia)
Interference microscopy User:carlotadoreyvelasco (Carlota d'Orey Velasco)
X-rays characteristics User:Adwantic (Mona Habari)
Physical principle of imaging with X-rays User:Ihodeib (Ibrahim Hodeib)
X-rays imaging User:Zeenat Khan (Zeenat Khan)
Computer tomography User:Tengojo17 (Ohiowele 'Otis' Ojo)
Hounsfield's units User:Olivia Strömblad (Olivia Strömblad)
Angiography User:nahema rajabali (Nahema Rajabali)

Developing subquestions[✎ edit | edit source]

Click on your red coloured subquestion on the table above. The appropriate edit window will be opened and you will start creating the content.