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Group 3:

Physiological effect of electric current and electromagnetic fields [✎ edit | edit source]

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Electromagnetic ionizing radiation[✎ edit | edit source]

Subquestions[✎ edit | edit source]

Responsibility for the page content[✎ edit | edit source]

Every subquestion should be developed by one or two students. First, type the subquestions and the name of students in the following table:

(Link to the subquestion)
Developed by
username (First_name Surname)
Physiological effect of electric current User:AnaRamos (Ana Sofia Ramos), User:CatarinaVieira (Catarina Vieira)
Therapeutic application of electric current User:Pedro (Pedro Catarro)
Electrotherapy User:Meison (Meison Furtado)
Iontophoresis User:Nuno Guedelha (Nuno Guedelha)
Electrostimulation User:jmrs1993 (João Santos)
High frequency electrosurgery User:ineshartleyalex (Inês Hartley Alexandre), User:TeresaMelo (Teresa Manuel Melo dos Santos)
Interactions of electromagnetic fields with living matter User:JPRamos (João Pedro Ramos Pedro)
Physiological effect of electromagnetic fields User: Alqahtani (mahdi alqahtani)
Magnetotherapy User: Alsayegh (Ayman Alsayegh)
Ionization User:Ana Palhau (Ana Palhau), User:Mfranciscabatista (Maria Francisca Batista)
X-rays characteristics User:JProenca (José Proença), User:Isacordeiro (Isa Cordeiro)
Compton's effect User:Danitosco (Daniel Toscano)
Gamma-rays characteristics User: CaetanaPoole (Maria Caetana Poole da Costa)
Lambert's-Beer law User:Balsabban (Badr Alsbban)

Developing subquestions[✎ edit | edit source]

Click on your red coloured subquestion on the table above. The appropriate edit window will be opened and you will start creating the content.