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Empyema generally is a purulent process inside any preformed body cavity. Most commonly it occurs in the pleural space as a complication of pneumonia (empyema thoracis), but it can also occur in other preformed body cavities. For example, empyema in the bladder, nasal and ear cavities or in the fallopian tube are known.

Pleural empyema

Purulent pleuritis

  • Presence of purulent content in the pleural cavity with proof of purulent puncture (leukocytes) and microbiological findings.
  • Is caused by the spread of purulent process from the lungs, or due to the bronchopleural fistula, or iatrogenically.
  • Clinically febrile condition with chest pain and manifested pleuritic syndrome (physically and on X-ray).
  • ATB treatment, chest drainage (thoracocentesis), or, when necessary, surgical revision (decortication and pleurectomy). Penicillin or vancomycin are the most commonly used antibiotics.

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